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About Digital Art / Professional Official Beta Tester Simon tjongMale/Indonesia Recent Activity
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Simon tjong
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

 1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Deviant since 2012.

 2. What does your username mean?
My username take from some word of my name Simon tjong as Montj + art,so no means for my username.

 3. Describe yourself in three words.
Friendly, weird, calm.

 4. Are you left or right handed?
Of course left handed.

 5.    What was your first deviation?    
         Red Hoodie Warrior by Montjart     
 6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital art, more fantasy.

 7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Comic inking maybe.

 8.     What was your first favourite?
I forgot already.

 9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital art.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I can't count all,thats too much xD

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Not sure.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
They epic artworks motivated me to improve a lot.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablet.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My bedroom as my workspace.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
When i got daily deviation :)
Commission Status: :iconcommissionsopen:

mail: or send me note


:iconcommanderborgnine: ( Done )
:iconnyxnyx21:  ( Done )
:iconwhoknows4682: (Done )

coloring (start from $40)
high detail coloring (start from $70)
Portrait (start from $50)
high detail portrait (start from $70)
simple character full body (start from $70)
high detail character full body (start from $100)
simple detail illustration (start from $70)
high detail illustration (start from $200)
speed paint (start from $30)
photo manipulation (start from $35)
simple environment (start from $70)
high detail environment (start from $200)
game assets (ask me)

Hello, I opening commissions again,here's my sample work :

Razor bat by MontjartInsect people by MontjartHumuncili by MontjartOni by MontjartDraenei by MontjartMagical woman by MontjartHikaru by MontjartHikaru by MontjartHikaru by Montjartkenta by MontjartRaven Shaman by MontjartHeartstring Gliders by MontjartCommission : Book cover art by MontjartPlease don't kill us! by MontjartMonkey King by MontjartQueen of the dragon by MontjartElf fight by Montjartdragon fantasia illustration 2 by MontjartKili And Tauriel by Montjart  Ganya by Montjart  Girl Potrait by Montjart Hell witch by Montjart Dragon Pearl by Montjart Samurai Robot by Montjart Aquatic creature concept by MontjartPanda Pumpkin head by Montjartdevil lord by MontjartFox Ladies by MontjartSugar glider guardian by Montjart
Inny meany by Montjart Fairy by Montjart Horse warrior by Montjart Nezha by Montjart Sliver by Montjart Zombie attack by Montjart

Classroom by Montjart Hidden object scene by Montjart Bell Tower by Montjart Cavern Terminal by Montjart

any others question about this all..can note / mail me for asking/discussing.
I can adopt any style that you want.
Thank you for your interest! :)

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
International Paypal (
1. Work hard and learn the basics of drawing (composition, perspective, anatomy / shape, color theory, volume / light, etc.). You can not call yourself an artist who knows, yet does not become so. Ideally, you just have to know these basics, but to master them. And when mastered, will not only knowledgeable, but confident and authoritative artist. This applies not only to beginners but also for advanced and professional artists. Many artists have experienced bottlenecks - for example, one might well draw still-lifes and landscapes, but in knowledge of anatomy and form of the human body can be zero. You can learn a lot by improving their basic skills and knowledge. I just have a weak spot on which to work on.

2. Expand your horizons. If you love anime / manga, comic books with superheroes, photo-realism, or any other specific artistic style, and have not tried to apply or not yet discovered other trends, styles, cultures and times of art, you should expand your horizons . The narrow vision of the destructive and makes the artist a gray mass, which is unable to go beyond the established patterns. Mix different styles and trends to better and more interesting.

3. Do not be reckless artist. Think about why you are creating. Draw a "cool garbage" and "hot girls" - your only interest? You do have something to say, as a representative of the human race, in this multi-layered society? Maybe all that you are doing - just meaningless garbage? If you work only on the lowest level of satisfaction, never thinking about the higher concepts as intellect and emotion, perhaps now is the time to dig deeper! Do you have a soul - so use it. It is not simply to "dig" - as a matter! For example, a masterpiece of film is different from the full-length and short films from the genre of science fiction / fantasy / horror at how much love and soul put the author in his script.

4. No need to copy the reality - it has a camera. As artists, we have the power stilizovyvat, stress, simplify, to selectively refine and idealize, to create an abstraction and surrealism - it would be a shame not to use the available power. It would be pleasant to look at the work of an artist who left his mark on the canvas of his feet than on the picture, almost indistinguishable from photographs. I'm much more interested in artists such as John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, Richard Schmid, Gustav Klimt, Nicholas Fehin etc., than with such artists squeezed gloomy picture, which killed all life, expressiveness and naturalness (if your work involves photo realism, the work is work. But what's in your creativity?).

5. Otpolirovannost - the last thing is to think. Free and clear lines of brush, or a simple outline of the line - your choice. It is much more important than the internal structure and basic knowledge. Bringing to an ideal - an endless process that is constantly changing and evolving. A good artist should be able to use different kinds of work with a pattern, and not take one and only use this method. More often experiment with different techniques and styles, as a cook in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients. Following this advice, you will eventually be able to intuitively approach to this matter, and can then determine for themselves which technique is best to use when painting a particular picture, on which work.

6. Hola practices are not enough - you need to practice with the mind. Scribble on the album - not smart. You have to reach that which is not able, instead of doing what is can do even with your eyes closed. Treat this as a scientific experiment with a clear plan, which aims to achieve a certain goal. Analyze the problem. Avoid wasting time on something that does not serve your purpose. Observe, analyze, and understand the structure and scheme - the physical laws of our world (light, shadow, color, texture, fabric, etc.), or create methods that work best (the use of contrast in color, saturation, with different forms of edges, etc.).

7. Be realistic in your expectations. Rome was not built in a day. It takes years of diligent training and smart training to become a professional in the business. Izrisovav album or two, you will not be a step up - you need to do much more. Artists do not just train, drawing dozens of heads, and then get a good result - they draw hundreds of thousands of animals over the years, and do all deliberate - they are studying the structure of the skeleton and muscles, facial expressions, lighting conditions, age and distinctive features of each race, and so etc. And this is just a head. The road to becoming an artist, the reality is similar to the way a creative search.

8. Learn to accept criticism. The artist, who lives surrounded by people who will always get comments about their work, and if he can not take criticism, he will be miserable likeness of the artist. Think of criticism as a necessary component of your development and growth. If you do both positive and negative comments, be grateful for them. Wounded ego must strive to become stronger and expand their views. If you can not see beyond his wounded ego, it will destroy you. While you're still a beginner, you may not hear more good advice than to "learn the basics, 'and it's all because of your level, whatever you do - it's not that. Keep hard to learn the basics, and you raise your level.

9. Be fully educated. Study the world where you live - history, politics, religion, economics, science, literature, music, photography, film, etc. You'd be surprised how all the world is interconnected. The more you understand about the world in which you live, the better you become an artist. Maintain strong relationships because family, friends and beloved form in us vivid emotions that we can use in his work. Intellectually and emotionally undeveloped man is not a lot to offer the world as the creator of art. Think openly and be sociable and educated.

10. You may not be suitable for the role of the artist. People are different, and not all have the ability to become an artist. If you do not have the patience, do not diligent, lose concentration quickly, easily irritable, not motivated, not arrogant, does not know how to take negative criticism, but simply want to draw for fun and not have anyone properly ... and so on, then you not likely to succeed in life as an artist. And this applies to all people - not just creative.

People are different, both in the physical and the mental plane, and we have different potentials and different degrees of inclination to a particular activity. If you have a penchant for art, it does not mean that you will become a good artist - it all depends on you, your willingness to learn and grow, and how you can filter out too much, and focus on what matters most. And not least, you should enjoy the process of learning and self growth. But if you hate every step necessary to do so, you may be wasting nourish themselves with the idea that you want to become an artist, but you do not quite fit for this role. Keep in mind, want to become somebody and approach to this role - not necessarily the same thing.

It's like some stand on the sidelines, watching the dancers tear the dance floor, and dream of doing the same thing - they also like to move the body to the music. But if they really appreciate the effort that must be applied for this purpose, they let this idea, because for them it is too difficult. Simply put, they want to, but not ready for this. And there are those who enjoy the process of grueling workouts, and whose passion goes way beyond a simple desire, and they have linked these workouts with the pain and fatigue, but they know for sure that eventually they will win - those who live scene. The road to becoming a good artist - almost the same. You have to go through a path full of disappointments, mistakes, puffy eyes and blisters on the fingers, long-term lack of progress, self-doubt, and the forces that beset hatred and envy to the talent and achievements of others, to eventually become the one to whom I will look and say, "a wonderful artist!".

Do not just want something, but hard to move toward its goal. Or just stay an amateur, do this or that thing as a hobby, or choose something else that you will be more fit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because you might as well can be happy, just enjoying the work of an artist, instead of trying to become just like him. Because being a fan does not imply any victims or years of suffering and frustration, only to fail. No one will say, can you handle it or not. And you do not know until you go through. Some people spend years to be worthy representatives of the business, but do not hold out, and stay for one reason or another. Add some weeks to realize that all is not as good as it seemed. Others came very close to becoming professionals in their field, but stopped, thinking, and made sufficient and dedicated themselves to other life goals (and no one said that the painting - the most attractive work of art - there are many other interesting areas - music , directing, writing, cooking, painting fabric, etc.). There is no right or wrong choice. You choose your path, and as long as you feel it necessary for you to do business, you're on the right track (if it does not harm others).


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